Non No Ko Kuro Mugi & Kome Shochu

Non No Ko Kuro Mugi & Kome Shochu

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Mugi & Kome Shochu

English: Happy Drinker.. Black Label Background Non No Ko Kuro is made utilizing Saga Prefecture cultivated barley, Tanbonoyume rice and black koji; giving it a full-bodied flavor. The distillate is then aged with bamboo charcoal resulting in a gentle, fresh, and clean taste.

Special Characteristics: Aged with Bamboo Charcoal and then Filtered through Bamboo Charcoal.

Tasting Notes: Full-Bodied, Fresh Taste, Lingering Finish. Serve

Category Shochu
Country Japan
Region Kyushu
Appellation Saga
Brand Non No Ko Kuro
Alcohol/vol 25%