Otokoyama Sesshu Junmai Sake 720mL Bottle

Otokoyama Sesshu Junmai Sake 720mL Bottle

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720mL Bottle


English: Man's Mountain in Sesshu.

The Konishi brewery has been producing traditional sake in Hyogo Prefecture, the historical birthplace of Japanese, since 1550.

Exquisite nose of lime blossom, almond, guava mochi, and almond skin. Dry and light on its feet with ample minerality and a smooth, creamy texture that shows honeydew melon and citrus before finishing long and mineral.

Rice Variety: Brewer's Rice Sake Meter Value: +3.0 Milling: 60% Alcohol By Volume: 14 - 16 % Preferred Serving Temperature: On-The-Rocks Chilled Room Temp Warm Hot

Category Junmai
Region Japan
Brand Otokoyama