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LanZur Cabernet Sauvignon
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LanZur Cabernet Sauvignon


Category Red Wine
Region Chile, Maule Valley
Brand LanZur
One of the most important concerns contemplated in the viticulture project of the Vineyards where the Lanzur wines are produced is the conservation of the environment. Each one of the different stages in the production process has been carried out with the highest degree of sensitivity to this respect. The valley where the Vineyards are located is called "Sagrada Familia" (Sacred Family), this is precisely where the climatic and soil conditions are about the best in the world for producing red wine. The producing zone is characterized by its hot climate, which together with the soil creates the best conditions for the production of red wine. In fact, the area is known as the "red wine zone," transforming the sector into a stronghold for this variety.