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                                                                                                            SOJU RECIPES

Soju tastes best when served chilled. This versatile spirit may also be served as a shot, on the rocks, or infused with wide variety of fruit juices and cocktail mixers to please any palette. The clear, colorless appearance of Jinro Soju may be similar to vodka, but the nose, flavor, feel and finish are considerably more complex, giving it unlimited potential for creating unique and exciting cocktails. From nose to finish, a soju will infuse you with freshness, silky softness and a flavorful finish.

LEMON LIME -  2 oz Jinro Soju +  ½ oz Fresh Lime Juice + ½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice + ½ oz Orange Juice, ½ oz Midori.

PINEAPPLE BLUE - 1.5 oz Jinro Soju +  ½ oz Pineapple Juice +  ¼ oz Blue Curacao

APRICOT MINT - 2 oz Jinro Soju + ¾ oz Fresh Lime Juice + ½ oz Apricot Liqueur+ ½ oz Simple Syrup + Mint Leaves

MILKY WAY - 2 oz Jinro Soju +  1/2 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk + ½ oz Whole Milk + ½ oz Passion Fruit Puree +  ½ oz Fresh Lime Juice

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