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We want you to enjoy sake tasting – not overwhelm you! – so here is a handy list of the main types and classifications of sake you will encounter.

Junmai - refers to pure rice (純米) (non-additive) sake. In addition,  the junmai classification means that the rice used has been polished to at least 70% (meaning the percentage number you’ll see on the bottle is 70% or lower, i.e., 61-70%) – at least 30% has been polished off. While it’s hard to over-generalize, Junmai sake tends to have a rich f...

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                                                                                                            SOJU RECIPES

Soju tastes best when served chilled. This versatile spirit may also be served as a shot, on the rocks, or infused with wide variety of fruit juices and cocktail mixers to please any palette. The clear, colorless appearance of Jinro Soju may be similar to vodka, but the nose, flavor, feel and finish are considerably more complex, giving it unlimited potential for creating unique and exciting cocktails. From nose to finish, a soju will infuse you with freshness, silky softness and...

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Famous Chinese Liquors

                     FAMOUS CHINESE LIQUORS

1. 茅台Máotái (Kweichow): Produced in the town of Maotai, Guizhou province, Maotai is one of the best-known brands of Chinese liquor (or baijiu). Maotai is called China’s official “National Liquor. Taste: Maotai offers an exceptionally pure, mild, and mellow soy sauce-like fragrance.” The originator of China’s yeast sauce liquor, dating from 135B.C.

2. 五粮液 Wǔliángyè (Sichuan): Headquartered in Yibin, Sichuan Province, Wuliangye is another prestigious brand of high-end Chine...

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